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Change your story to change your life

We can be the hero of our story. Our story is the one we tell ourselves, it is the one we are constantly writing and it’s the one that people are reading when they’re looking at us. Our story is by far the most fascinating aspect about being a human as through our imagination we can be anything we want to be.

We have the power to change anything, we have the power to create anything and most of all we have the power to be anything – it is that simple. As Norman Vincent Peale once stated “Change your thoughts and you can change the world”. In fact, the current state of your life is a direct result of the stories you tell yourself and what you believe is possible.

So, what can we do if our story is working against us, here is the process to take back control of our life:

Who do you want to be?

You must know how you want your new story to end but you must be consumed by it, to be able to change your current state. Many people will speak about wanting to be this or wanting to do that but make sure you’re not the person just saying it. The story does not need to be detailed, as the journey is what brings it to life.

Identify where you are

Identifying where you are as your current state is key to moving forwards as it will allow you to recognise areas you will most like to change or evolve. You may find you’re unsure what to change or if there is anything you need to remove but if there is a question or an issue you must address it.

Change or write

After reviewing who you want to be and where you are you must make the decision of whether to change your story or write a new one but either way you must move your state to who you want to be. You must ensure you do not become negative through this process, it is not what you’re doing wrong – it is where you are heading.

Action is everything

The only way your story can come to life is by living it. You must focus not only on the behaviour or situation you want to change but also on the story as that is your belief of who you’re becoming. Action is at the forefront of this movement and will move you towards your happy ending of success.

I don’t know your story, only you do. That is the aspect that fascinates me the most – we are all born naked and we will all die naked but everything between that is entirely up to us to write. Everything is possible so change your story to change your life.

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