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Superman vs YOU

Superman showcases the untapped potential for humanity by reminding us of the infinite possibilities and to ensure we bring good into our environment. However, like humans, for this to be achieved he must know his ‘why’, understand how and execute.

If we go deeper, Superman tends to his environment by bringing positive energy to everything he takes on. The environment is what you surround yourself with. Environmental energy which impacts our outcomes, is an aspect Superman brings consistently by showing up powerfully, providing his presence and being as clear as possible. He is surrounded by people like Lois Lane, who help him bring good to his environment and keep him wanting to be the best version of himself. Superman is pro-active in each situation by dealing with his people first before dealing with product, this shows great leadership qualities.

Superman grew up on a farm in Kansas and become a successful idol to the community. This shows that where you grew up or your upbringing, means very little. Therefore, Superman always pushes towards the fight to ensure he stands a chance of overcoming any hurdle. He is evidence for following your beliefs and dreams as he takes on a challenge, not for the money or fame but for the feeling of value.

Superman is aware of the responsibility on his shoulders even with his freedom. He is driven by social responsibility, love and selflessness. This means that you should understand your responsibilities in your environment and what motivates you to reach your success – this will give you direction and values to be the best version of you.

Being the best version of you, will allow you to be consistent and feel content in everything you do. It will allow you to grow and achieve your goals as well as being the person you want to be.

“On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become”

Are you being the best version of you?

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