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It is my ambition to impact future generations by adding revolutionary techniques and tools to  individuals in a more connected and sustainable world. 


I am focused on disrupting industries by assisting individuals and companies to reach their goals. I combine expertise across partners to ensure that I can fulfil the client's goals and needs. 

Karl Sharman is a young consultant that has spent most of his career within the sport industry. After leaving University, Karl worked in the football industry including at three Premier League clubs. When he left the football industry back in 2015, he embarked on using his business degree by consulting for companies and coaching individuals across the world. 

Mission Statement

It is my goal to impact 2000 people across 200 companies for the benefit of future generations by 2020. The companies and projects that I work with are aligned with my goal while also considering the impact of social and environmental efforts. 

The new business experts are the young. It is my mission to develop individuals and companies as well as young people in established companies through mentoring and coaching within leadership and strategy.


My philosophy follows five drivers:


  • Know why you started

  • 3 T's (Trust, Truth, Transparency)

  • Fast is better than slow

  • Focus on the individuals and all will follow

  • Future proofing is the way towards growth

I am focused on making the world better and by developing social innovation. To be able to do this, the companies and individuals, I work with have to ensure their idea, product or service will improve or add value to society by clear targeting the millennial and Gen Z markets.

It's a new day again..
I like the three T's within this especially communication_ 'Truth, Trust & Transparency'
Be intentional, strategic & structured in everything you do
You are the author of your story #you #motivation #success
Everything is possible #motivation #success #quotes
Hustling never stops #hustle #success #motivation
Explore, dream, discover
Jim Carrey always provides statements that can give us so much meaning. This one is by far one of th
Be a leader. Think like a leader
My biggest tip of the day_ Just do it. There's no excuses or barriers that can stop you if you just
Focus, hustle and persistence #dreams #work #motivation
You are the one who can change the world
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